Gadgetly is a group of homeowners, dads, and single guys who are specializing in reviews for smart home gadgets and devices. Gadgetly follows the current trends for smart gadgets, which is seemingly too fast to follow, and will attempt to help you to make better purchase decisions.

And that’s enough of talking about ourselves in the third person.

Like you, we have a huge interest in today’s surge of smart home gadgets and devices, and like you, we have had confusions of so many product choices, the dissatisfaction for false marketings, and frustrations when products we bought are not working as intended.

Thus, we, a group of four, started Gadgetly with a mission: to make purchasing smart gadgets and devices easier!

Did we mention that we also experienced what you did, that reading reviews and recommendations that are too technical can be stressful? We definitely understood that feeling! And thus, we wrote our reviews, guides, and comparisons with your point of views, your practical needs, and most importantly, your comprehensions in mind.

We agree that sometimes products used too many technical jargons that actually had nothing to do with their core functionalities. Hey, what’s the correlation between ‘aggregate real-time infrastructures’ with a robot mopper? Duh!

Therefore, we promise you, that we will avoid unnecessary technicalities as possible, and when they’re absolutely necessary, we will make sure to explain it clearly.

We will stop babbling about ourselves then, and instead, we’ll show you the things we d. On Gadgetly, we’ll discuss some of these gadgets and devices:

Smart Doorbells

What actually made smart doorbells ‘smart’? What qualities should you look for in making a purchase decision? Will the installation be a problem for your specific house?

We will answer all the questions those sales representatives never will, and we will cover all aspects to make sure that what you buy, will be exactly what you need, for your specific household.

Smart Security Cameras

Having security cameras at home is no longer a luxury thing for the very rich people. In fact, security cameras are now even more affordable than ever.

What feature should you look for in a smart security camera? Would you still need one if you already have a smart video doorbell? How affordable is affordable? We will help you in making the best purchase decision for the newest, smartest security cameras on the market.

Smart Thermostat

Do you know that having a properly functioning thermostat can save more than 10% of your total electricity bills in the long run?

The smart thermostat is important, but not every one of them is ‘smart’. Which features will be essential?And which of them are just marketing jargons? We will look together for the answer.

Robot Moppers and Vacuums

Like you, we used to be a big unbeliever of robot cleaners. However, some of them do make our lives easier.

Choosing a robot vacuum or mopper can be a daunting task, as different floor materials, different sizes, and even different small features of your houses will need different products. We will help you make that choice.

We will also cover many more gadgets and devices. Have a suggestion? Or have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us here.