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After my previous reviews of the leading smart doorbell products: the Skybell HD Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell and the PRO version, I got so many requests of reviewing another one of their competitor, the August Doorbell. And so, here it is!

The first thing you’ll notice about the August Doorbell is its design. Unlike both of the Ring products and the Skybell (both the 2.0 and HD version) that prefers simplicity, the August Doorbell came with a more square, thicker, and unique design, unlike your ordinary door buzzer.


But how about the things other than its look? Would any of its features deemed a special mention? Let’s dig deeper together, shall we?

As usual, first, let’s delve a bit into the notable features of the product.

Features of the August Doorbell

As mentioned, the first thing you are going to notice with the August doorbell is it’s square, bulky design. Personally, I find it unique and refreshing, and it gave a high-tech look I honestly found missing from other products (a huge sci-fi fan here).

However, I can imagine people not liking the bulky design, and its square shape might not be practical for some door frames where you’ll most likely install it. Besides its shape, here are some notable features you’ll find in the product.

-960p video quality, 1,280 x 960 pixels-per-inch to be exact

-Bluetooth 4.0 support (other similar products didn’t offer this functionality)

-2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi band support

-Cloud recording (free trial, subscription fee afterward)

-Multiple users so that several family members can access the app

-Integrate well with August’s own Smart Lock product, so it’s a plus point compared to the other competitors

And that’s basically it. There’s no motion detection function, night-vision, and no built-in battery. But before we discuss its pros and cons further, let’s discuss the installation process.

Installing the August Doorbell

Here are the items that you’ll get in the package:

  • The August Doorbell Cam itself
  • 1 Mounting Plate
  • 4 Mounting Screws
  • 2 Wall Anchors
  • 4 Wire Connectors
  • 1 Mounting Wedge
  • 4 dolphin connectors
  • 1 Hexagonal Wrench

Before we begin, remember that August Doorbell can only work through wired setup, and it doesn’t come with its own chime. Secondly, it can only work with a mechanical chime and not a digital one.

Here is the official installation guide from August. Unfortunately, I can’t find an official video guide, so you’ll have to make do with that.

One thing to also consider is the dimension of the August Doorbell itself, 2.9 x 2.9 x 0.9 inches. Because you’ll need to install it through a wired setup, it will most likely take the place of your previous doorbell, which is commonly the door frame. Make sure your mounting area has enough space especially for the 2.9″ width.

Also remember to charge the internal battery of the August Doorbell first (the recommended charging time is 30-minutes).

In short, the installation process is like this:

1.Remove your existing doorbell (or, build new wiring setup)

2.Install the mounting wedge (included in the package)

3.Attach the mounting plate to the wedge

4.Attach wiring with the included dolphin connectors

5.Mount Your Doorbell Cam

After all the steps are covered, you can download and install the August App on your smartphone and set up your doorbell device.

Overall, I’d say the installation process is simple enough, especially if you already have an existing doorbell.However, the strictly-wired setup, the mechanical chime limitation, and the width of the product can be an issue for some. Make sure you have all three aspects covered before you decide to purchase the product.

Let’s delve a bit further to the overall video quality of the product.

August Doorbell Video Quality

As mentioned, the video quality of the August doorbell is 1,280 x 960 pixels-per-inch or 960p. Although there are newer products with 1080p resolution, such as the Skybell HD and the Ring PRO, 960p is a pretty decent video resolution.

However, the video quality is compromised at night, due to the exclusion of any night-vision technology. During a sufficient light,however, the video quality is overall superb. Take into consideration, however, that your front porch, or wherever this product will be installed must be well-lit.

I also noticed very little lag, definitely a plus point for the product. Let’s say any form of lag will only happen nine out ten times in this product.

August Doorbell Audio Quality

To be honest, I find the audio quality of the August Doorbell a little bit behind its competitors. Specifically, the noise cancellation technology didn’t perform as well as I expected.

However, unless you live in a very noisy neighborhood, the sound quality is still very acceptable. It’s just that the sound quality of other competitors’ products are better (keep in mind that most of them are also newer).

Pros & Cons

Pros of the August Doorbell

  • Moving on, here are some of the things I liked about the product.
  • As I mentioned, I liked the design a lot but can be a hindrance for others
  • Fairly easy installation if you have an existing doorbell
  • Good 960p video quality
  • Nice integration with August’s smart lock system, arguably the best in the business
  • The price is definitely a plus, one of the cheapest smart doorbell available today, and with very decent quality
  • Lifetime theft protection and 1-year warranty
  • Allow multiple users, so others in your household can also access the app
  • Does have a live streaming on-demand feature

And some things I didn’t like about the product are:

Cons of the Ring Doorbell

  • Although I always say that motion sensor in smart doorbells is a bonus feature, the lack of it in this product is a minus point
  • No night-vision technology, a huge minus point
  • No third-party integration, I wish they have at least IFTTT
  • Cloud storage is not free. However, they do give a free trial period
  • A bit heavy, around 400 grams VS Ring PRO’s 270 grams, and Skybell HD’s 55 grams

For its price range, I personally feel the August Doorbell delivered a decent quality. The biggest minus points are the lacking of night vision technology and its dependency to a wired setup combined with its size and weight.If you are planning to install a smart lock system, however, this product is a perfect pair to August’s smart lock system.

The smart lock system does have its uses. For example, if there’s someone in your household with a disability, they can unlock the door directly through the August app without any need for mobility.

To stay unbiased, let’s take a look at how other users and respectable sites rate the product.

User & Other Reviews

CNET gave it a 7.6 out of 10 rating, praising its overall video quality and app integration while criticizing its lack of motion sensor system and complicated installation process. CNET also criticized its incompatibility with digital chimes and intercoms, which will make the installation process even harder for some.

PCmags reviewed it with a 3.5 out of 5-star rating, praising its video quality, excellent integration with August’s own smart lock system, and on-demand video streaming support. However, they also didn’t like the installation process, exclusion of the motion sensing technology, and the fact that there’s no third-party integration.

Bottom Line

As a product which has been in the market for some time, August Doorbell is not the best wireless doorbell, but still delivers a very decent quality for today’s standard. Especially, since it’s one of the cheapest smart doorbells in the market, the features it offered easily can justify your investment. The design, although I liked it, can be a hit or miss, and certainly not for everyone. The lack of third party integration, as usual, is a big minus point for me.

However, as I’ve mentioned, if you’re planning to install a smart lock system, this product will be an excellent choice to pair with August’s smart lock product, which is one of the most reputable smart lock products in the market. Overall, I’d definitely recommend this product, especially for those with an existing doorbell wiring and a mechanical chime.


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